The moral lesson from the incredible story of Luigi is simple: the key to health and happiness is inextricably associated with the quantity of food you consume daily; and the science of health or anti-aging living is simply eating less or consuming fewer calories.

Longevity wisdom is simply calorie restriction on your diet.

You should restrict yourself to having portions of food that will meet the basic needs of your system -- as long as you know the maxim: whatever is more than what you need may be harmful.

Longevity living is calorie restriction, which may hold the key to a longer life. Experiments have shown that the health of laboratory animals can be dramatically improved and their lifespan expanded or even doubled, simply by reducing their food intake to the minimum required. However, that by no means implies your need to starve yourself for calorie restriction in order to become one of the centenarians.

Nevertheless, centenarians not only have calorie restriction (not exceeding 2,000 calories per day) throughout life but also consume far less meat. The main reason is that on a diet based on calorie restriction, your organs are not being continually and consistently over-stressed, thereby allowing your body to digest easily and detoxify materials without accumulating harmful surpluses in your system. Longevity wisdom and calorie restriction go hand in hand.

Given the amount of food necessary to sustain life, as well as to maintain excellent health and spirit, is so small, it is rather shocking to realize that nearly all of us, with very few exceptions, simply overeat and produce an endless array of miseries in our lives in both mental and physical afflictions that require medical help. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Please, do not overeat!

Stephen Lau
Copyright©2018 by Stephen Lau

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“The Way is of few words.
Actions speak louder than words.
Strong winds come and go.
So do torrential rains.
Even heaven and earth cannot make them last forever.

Why then so much concern over what to say, or what to do?
Living is but an expression of the life given by the Creator.
Our true nature is a reflection of that expression.
Those who are with the Creator, the Creator is also with them.
So, success and failure are seen as part of a perfect whole.
Everything is accepted and fully lived accordingly.”

Everything is part of the perfect whole, while nothing lasts forever.

This profound wisdom may make you want to be in the world but not of the world.

Today is real, and tomorrow is just another day, which may or may not come.

Stephen Lau
Copyright©2018 by Stephen Lau