Asking questions activates brain cells, and thereby instrumental in promoting brain development and enhancing intelligence. Encourage your smart child to ask questions.

Remember, as adults, we have utilized less than 20 percent of our brain cells; there is still plenty of room left for enhancement. All in all, wisdom is the mental capability to see the truths through self-intuition.

Being clever or intelligent, on the other hand, is the capability to acquire appropriate and relevant knowledge, and then apply it to solving problems in everyday life situations. If you are clever, you may have acquired the skills to put things together because you are quick to learn and understand how things work. However; being clever or intelligent does not necessarily mean that you must be wise. Being knowledgeable means knowing what to do, and being wise means knowing when and how to do it in different circumstances to suit one’s unique self and purpose.

Being smart is the first step towards becoming clever or intelligent. Being smart is becoming knowledgeable, which provides the raw materials for intelligence and wisdom: it has much more to do with understanding the how. One does not become knowledgeable overnight. It is a long process of acquisition of information that requires learning and training, as well as time and effort. As soon as the baby’s brain develops in the mother’s womb, start touching and talking to it -- and that is how a baby becomes smart even before it arrives into this world. The more you stimulate the brain cells, the smarter the baby becomes. When the baby comes into this world, continue non-stop your daily effort to stimulate his brain to make your baby smarter. Remember, the baby’s brain is like a blank sheet of paper; the more you fill it up with knowledge and information, the smarter the baby will become.

Stephen Lau
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